of all Americans will have a need for the services of an attorney each year ...
The problem is, most people can't afford the costs of retaining legal counsel, just as they can't afford to go to the hospital without health insurance.



Legal Club of America® is the nation's premier Group Legal Services Program and the only legal plan in the country that offers a non-insurance product in all 50 states.  Founded in 1996, Legal Club is headquartered in Sunrise, Florida.  With a network of over 20,000 attorneys in all 50 states, the Legal Club network is at least two times larger than any of its competitors.  And most importantly, Legal Club of America has the only attorney network in the country that has guaranteed, contractually, to never charge more that $125.00 per hour, or when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rate for extended legal care.  It is not negotiable and the attorney will never charge more.

Legal Club of America® was created for the purpose of making comprehensive, affordable legal care available to the more than 150 million people who the American Bar Association says "cannot afford even the simplest of legal care at the current high cost of legal services."

Legal Club provides legal plans to the following companies:

  • California State Employees

  • John C Lincoln Health Care System

  • Pep Boys

  • City of Thousand Oaks, CA

  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

  • Rady Children's Hospital

Every twelve months, the average law abiding citizen will have the need for the services of an attorney, according to studies conducted by the American Bar Association.  With this in mind, we created a product line that is both comprehensive and affordable, as well as being void of the usual exclusions and red tape that plague many of today's existing legal insurance products.

Legal Club of America® brings comprehensive, affordable access to the legal system to individuals and business owners through three different plans.

  • Individual/Family Protection Plan - combines the benefits of our Individual/Family Legal Plan with tax advice & preparation, identity theft restoration, LifeEvents counseling and financial education & credit counseling. 

  • Employee Benefits Plan - the nation's premier Legal Services Plan is available as either a Voluntary Payroll Deduction program or as an Employer Paid benefit.

Legal service plans that offer the services of licensed attorneys to consumers on a prepaid basis or for reduced fee rates may be identified as "prepaid legal plans" or "legal expense insurance."  The basic service offered by legal expense insurance plans is general legal advice and consultation, typically offered over the telephone.  Depending on the plan, complex matters are generally excluded from coverage.  Legal Club's competitors offer "1-800" legal care, and when that is not sufficient, a 25% discount off usual and customary fees is offered; again, well beyond the average American's budget.

The primary drawback of other available legal expense insurance plans is that they are insurance-based programs that closely resemble those of health maintenance organizations (HMOs).  For example, their lawyers have the same cost pressures and considerations that confront HMO physicians.  As insurance products, they have numerous other limitations; exclusions for pre-existing conditions, complex claim forms to be completed, increases in premiums for overuse and, in many cases, waiting periods before access to benefits.

Given society's general aversion to the red tape associated with insurance products, Legal Club made a conscious decision to create comprehensive, easy to understand legal plans that would not be considered insurance programs. 

Legal Club's members have immediate access to the company's nationwide network of attorneys for all their legal needs, new or pre-existing.  Secondly, the company is not subject to state insurance regulations.  Our competitors' plans have limitations on the services available in states such as New York, Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, Virginia, Nebraska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Michigan and Indiana.  While in each state the limitations differ, an example of this is that in New York state an insurance-based legal plan member is restricted in the number of telephone consultations, face-to-face consultations and letters that are written on their behalf.  In other instances, the plans are not even available in certain states.

Unlike legal expense insurance plans, Legal Club does not reimburse its attorney network for any of its members legal care costs.  This allows Legal Club to encourage usage.  Legal Club refers its members to a proprietary network of attorneys that has contracted with them to receive these referrals.  In order to receive these referrals the attorney network must follow a free & discount fee schedule.  More importantly, the entire network has agreed to never charge more that $125.00 per hour or when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rates for extended legal representation.  This also means we have no financial relationship with our attorneys.

As such, our plans offer continuity across the nation as well as some very distinct advantages over the many archaic legal insurance programs that currently exist.  Members will never be faced with limitations on usage, waiting periods, claim forms to fill out, claim adjusters, increase in fees for usage, and most importantly, no pre-existing condition exclusions.  Members, their spouse and dependents 25 years of age and younger, are given immediate access to the legal program and its entire network of pre-qualified attorneys.

In addition, Legal Club's plans include all areas of law and are completely transportable.  This means that members will be able to take the plan with them wherever they go.  Our plans are available in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.  Whether switching jobs or just moving out of state, Legal club plan members always have complete use of their legal plan and its nationwide network of participating attorneys.


Attorney selection is the key to creating and building a qualified, professional network of plan members attorneys.  Plan member attorneys are the foundation of our company, and we go to great lengths during our selection process to make sure all of them meet Legal Club's strict guidelines. 

When members join Legal Club of America, they will be assigned a plan attorney based on area of law, language they speak and location.  Members can use as many attorneys as often as they like, practicing any area of law, anywhere in the country, without limitations.  We are the only legal plan in America that will scout/recruit new attorneys for members in the event that a remote part of the country lacks coverage for a particular need.  Upon enrollment, our members are immediately assigned an attorney and given a welcome package.  Any additional attorney assignments or reassignments are given over the phone via our toll free Member Services help line.

All new members will receive a Fulfillment Package that includes a membership card, a last will and testament questionnaire, a plan member guidebook, and information about the Legal Club plan member attorney to which they have been assigned.

Legal Club's plans can be purchased by groups or individuals.  In the worksite marketplace, there is no minimum participation requirement on the number of enrollees in a payroll deduction plan.

While it is true that Legal Club does allow members to enroll at any time, it is up to the employers to allow this. 

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